Our Sectors


We advise clients on how to navigate media debate on topics such as real-time bidding, native ads, programmatic advertising, adblocking and fraud. We count AOL, Rubicon Project, Twenga and Unruly among past and current clients.

Cloud and enterprise software

Our team is experienced in implementing B2B communications campaigns for a range of SaaS, PaaS and IaaS companies. Working with the likes of Box, SendGrid and Zendesk, we understand how PR can bring value to tech companies looking to boost B2B sales, enter new markets and raise valuations.

Consumer Tech

We can help you build your brand, launch new products and drive users, customers and sales. We’ve delivered successful PR campaigns to drive customers for Hotel Tonight, book Seatwave and Eventbrite. We have also worked with Facebook, Pinterest and Waze to launch them into European markets, build their brands and drive interest in their new products.


Operating in highly competitive markets, our ecommerce clients rely on our consultancy to build and manage their reputations effectively. We implement corporate campaigns to strengthen investor confidence in parallel with consumer campaigns to boost sales. We count Hotel Tonight, Seatwave, eBay and Eventbrite among past and current clients.


Innovators in education and learning need a strong partner to ensure their voice is heard in a crowded market. We implement strategic communications programs for companies such as Bookmate, Duolingo, Lingumi and Udacity.


New types of financial technologies are revolutionising banking, payments and saving. From mobile payments to developer APIs, peer-to-peer lending exchanges to funding platforms, we have the sector knowledge to deliver world-class PR campaigns. Our team has implemented successful international campaigns for clients such as Stripe, Transferwise and SumUp.


From food delivery to meal-sharing or food design – startups are adding new flavour to the way we eat. Hungry for success, we havehelped companies like Take Eat Easy with strategic PR campaigns in Europe.

Gadgets & Hardware

From CES to IFA, from pre-oder to Christmas sales – we are consumer electronics enthusiasts and experienced in consumer campaigns on a budget that does not break the bank, but pushes sales and brand awareness. For example we successfully introduced novelties such as Pencil by FiftyThree or ZTE smartphones in France, Germany and the UK.


From health wearables to software or data improving efficiency and outcomes in healthcare – healthtech is an ongoing trend facing heavy regulatory issues and requiring trust and willingness for change. We help companies like DocPlanner and Watsi, to build their name in the European market.

HR Tech

The future of work and human resources are defined by trends like lifelong learning, move to mobile and cloud collaboration. Experienced in B2B communications we convince potential customers, partners and media about new methods, products and ways of working together. We count Jive, Saberr, Stack Overflow and Scoro among past and current clients.


New technologies are changing the business of law. Beginning with the automation of standard legal tasks, the industry is now moving towards more specialised activities or a “justice as a service” approach. We help those up and coming companies and technologies to gain awareness and trust with media and customers. Current clients include aboalarm, flightright and FragRobin.


Our network of contacts among telco media and analysts globally ensures our strategic programmes drive excellent results. We have implemented successful PR campaigns for clients such as WhatsApp, Bluwan, Be IP, Placecast, Zayo, Nexmo, Twilio and Open Kernel Labs among past and current clients

Venture Capital and financial services

Working closely with high-growth tech companies means that we are a natural fit for venture capital firms, private equity companies and technology investment banks. We have managed corporate positioning and thought-leadership campaigns for companies including Project A Ventures, GP Bullhound, White Star Capital, Accel Partners, Lakestar and Early Bird Ventures.

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