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Founded by Colette Ballou in 2002, Ballou PR works with high-growth technology companies to help them build their brand, manage their reputation, win customers and grow their business.

We are equally comfortable talking to niche bloggers as we are to national editors – our expertise is crafting a strong message and ensuring it reaches the right audience.

"Ballou have been excellent for us and I can highly recommend them."

Catriona Oldershaw, Managing Director, Synthesio

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Is the description of your startup completely meaningless?

Monday, September 15, 2014 AT 11:14

There’s a psychological phenomenon called semantic saturation. This is where a word is repeated so many times that it is actually perceived as meaningless sound by the listener. If you paid any attention to the all-pervading coverage of the Apple Watch and iPhone 6 launch last week, chances are you’ve experienced this phenomenon...

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